Experience Yoga




203 West Main St.   Cortland, Ohio       330.720.7248



Join Experience Yoga in Cortland, Ohio and experience a welcoming space to explore the edges of your body and mind. Find your breath and settle into your body as you are  guided through movements and breathing techniques that encourage you to let go of worries and come into the moment. Experience the many benefits yoga has to offer.  In class you will be introduced to yogic concepts and techniques for bringing your mind into a calmer state and your body into balance.  You may come for the stretch, but you will leave with so much more.

Beginner and advanced students are encouraged attend classes as there is support and challenge offered to all. 

We support others in following their creative passions!  And as such, local artists are welcome to display their work in the studio.  Currently, amazing artwork and photography are on display to enjoy and purchase.

Now begins the discipline of Yoga (Yoga Sutra 1:1)

Yoga is the cessasion of the of the fluctuations of the mind (Yoga Sutra 1:2).

Then the seer abides in it's own Nature (Yoga Sutra 1:3).



New in November!

November 2:  10:30- 11:45  FREE Community Class

November 6:  7:15- 8:30  Full Moon Flow

November 15:  3- 5  Restorative with Yoga Nidra  with Carly

October 16:  3- 4:15  Dancing Mindfulness with Demi

* Tuesday Evening Vinyasa and Wednesday Evening Classes are cancelled for November and December

*Thursday Gentle Restore now starting at 6 until 7

*Thursday Moderate Vinyasa Flow from 7:15- 8:30